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World Downloads
Started by hcblue on July 30, 2012
Keep an eye on this thread for the latest...
by hcblue on July 30, 2012
  Purchasing Eggs, specifically Villagers/Good Mobs
Started by godzillafan868 on May 07, 2012
oh i c. when u said good mobs i thought u...
by xnfllydlcs on May 08, 2012
Started by xnfllydlcs on May 03, 2012
how do u find out when stocks go up or down?...
by xnfllydlcs on May 07, 2012
  Bottling XP
Started by hcblue on May 05, 2012
i feel self conscious about sneaking in public...
by xnfllydlcs on May 06, 2012
Started by xnfllydlcs on May 05, 2012
i'm selling these: - cooked chicken $0.30...
by xnfllydlcs on May 05, 2012
  Camp Fun ! Place for all villagers to be!
Started by godzillafan868 on May 02, 2012
Doesn't seem suspicious at all... :P
by hcblue on May 02, 2012
  Thaumcraft 2
Started by OracleOfLight on April 10, 2012
It just sounds complicated is all (more complicated...
by hcblue on April 11, 2012
  Not a fan server anymore?
Started by SilverJ17 on March 29, 2012
You always seem to go missing for a while,...
by hcblue on April 02, 2012
  Pit Frenzy
Started by OracleOfLight on March 12, 2012
I pasted Pit Frenzy near the spawn in CR...
by hcblue on March 20, 2012
  Server Upgrades and Minecraft 1.2
Started by hcblue on February 28, 2012
Server and plugins are updated with a beta...
by hcblue on March 10, 2012
  Question regarding HT4
Started by I_Love_to_Build on March 03, 2012
> Also, what about the possibility of new...
by hcblue on March 09, 2012