Dwarf Fortress-Our Home by starkirby

I was planning on playing the new hardcore map but then I found out that Dwarf Fortress was updated. The bay12 community have been waiting for this day for almost 11 months. So now it is time to begin our own journey. Our own little community shall begin its own fort.

First of all, six of you shall come along with me as we embark to a location. Give me your preferred gender, name and job.


2 miners

1 Woodcutter

1 Mason

1 Farmer

1 Smith

This shall be our story and if we have less than six coming along for embark, well I'll just pick those I currently see in the online list.

Remember that losing is FUN but winning is satisfying.

Now to those who shall be dorfed, you will have the ability to write journals as that is how I intend to present the story. I can't force you but I would like it if you tried.

Feel free to ask questions and give suggestions.

Now I'm off to see if I can figure out ASCII art.


Story time kids! Well we'll get to that later

I now have my starting dwarves though positions are still open. The following are those who will be part of the starting seven

Me, hcblue, Horizontalwolf, cbik, Manoloco69, mikeyqwerty and NoSoulx since they happened to be online at the same time as me.

And here's three nice dwarf fortress stories to try and get to you to become interested. Those stories may take place in an old DF version and is a completely different game where people take turns playing the same fort but hell, those stories are epic.



Headshoots 2: Syrupleaf


I looked at the first story (Boatmurdered) and feel disoriented, like I'm missing some back story. Am I supposed to be using my imagination?


Well I don't think there is back story and I assume people just made up a story as they went. Headshoots is where there is actually something you could really call story.

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