The cringe is real. by I_Love_to_Build

Looking back on my posts from here has been a great laugh, but it also made me cringe tons about how... stupid I was. Jeez, what was I thinking?!

It's been a while Tongue.gif


It wasn't that long ago, was it?

And hi!! How are you? Server is down for good. Sad.png


Long enough, unfortunately. I'm a bit sad that the server is down, though I'm debating opening a Realm server for HCBlue, or rather those of us who played here, to continue playing in the community.


I'm sad the server is down for good, but it was inevitable. I moved on a while ago and have been playing on another server (and became a mod on said server), so when it was back up i didn't really log on. I had a lot of fun playing on the server, but life goes on.

That being said, i would be willing to play on a realms server Face.


It' has been a while, it was almost 4 years ago when I first logged onto HCBlue. I've also since moved on and am now also Moderator on another server, but I've been good. I would also play on a Realms server if you are willing to pay it, face.

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