Turn down GregTech? by I_Love_to_Build

I personally think that we should turn the GregTech recipe difficulty down a notch. Solar Panels are extremely hard to make, the portal gun needs a nether star and the list goes on. Please. Turn down the GregTech difficulty to easy.


YES! things are so hard to make! @hcblue please turn it to easy


There doesn't seem to be a separate setting for GregTech difficulty.


Well then. Can't we just change to normal FTB? I may sound like a bit of a hypocrite, considering I was the one who said that we should do Mindcrack, but in the DireWolf pack, there is no GregTech but it still has most of the same mods plus extra. I'm not sure if that would be a problem if people had GregTech stuff, or stuff from removed mods or not, but I'm hoping and guessing that it would just remove the blocks and items.



Pretty sure changing modpacks would cause the world to get corrupted... blocks are saved directly into the world, and if there's an unknown block ID, Minecraft would just crash. At least that was the case a few months ago, and I doubt they'd have fixed it now.

I can turn the difficulty down on this one to normal, but I doubt that'll change GregTech stuff.


@I_Love_to_Build can you compare the list of mods that Mindcrack has, vs Direwolf's pack? If they're exactly the same, and assuming GregTech only modifies recipes (to make them harder), we might be able to switch over.


@hcblue Well that may be a problem, because GregTech adds new blocks as well as changing the recipes.

I couldn't find a full list of the blocks and items but I found a few links that may help

All Block Recipes

Machine Casings Recipes

Here is also a list of the rest of the items that gregtech adds in.

  • Destructopack
  • Lighthelmet
  • Cloaking Device
  • Rockcutter
  • Jack Hammer
  • Teslastaff
  • Lithium Pack
  • Lapotronpack
  • Flint Mortar
  • Iron Mortar
  • Lapotronic Energyorb
  • Dataorb
  • Gregtech Sensorkit
  • Debug Scanner

A way we could go about doing this is if everyone destroys the items that aren't in Direwolf, but that's a bit extreme.

Also here is a list of mods that Direwolf has that Mindcrack doesnt and vice versa

Gregtech mods that Mindcrack doesnt have

  • Gravity Gun

  • Compact Solars

  • Direwolf has Redpower2, whereas Mindcrack has Redpower1

  • Mystcraft

Mindcrack mods that Direwolf doesn't have

  • VoxelMenu

  • Petrogen

  • Advanced Machines

  • Extrabees

  • Gregtech Mod

  • Traincraft

  • Twilight Forest

We could always start a new world? I mean, it will be a lot easier to get things up and running when recipes are way easier.

Anyways, I hope this helps.


I've changed my mind cause stuff being harder to make has made FtB more fun other than having alot of things easier to make it will get boring quite quickly Smile.gif just my opinion Smile.gif


@mikeyqwerty Not true, in my opinion. Also, it only makes some recipes easier, not the whole modpack. Some recipes are ridiculously expensive and hard to make, such as the solar panel. It is only the first solar panel in the series of 4 of them, each one requiring 8 of the last solar panel in the tier. When it comes to things like this, it is just ridiculous. Plus, when you have all this stuff you get more badass items.

In my opinion, atfter playing the Direwolf pack, it is better. It has a cool mod that adds infinite, customizable dimensions. It's called Mystcraft. The gravity gun is also amazing and can launch mobs about 50 blocks.


Well, it's up to you guys, since I haven't been playing much recently (or almost at all), although you'd obviously need to have everyone agree if we want to go the route of resetting the world again.


I'm not sure as I've a lot of stuff and have worked hard on it... But it's up to everyone else but I wouldn't really like another world reset.... Smile.gif


@hcblue, I've been doing some google magic, and the configs are under a header 'usefulRecipes'

I also came across this forum thread on the FtB forums, not sure if it's for Multiplayer though.

FtB Config Guide


Mmm... I'll take a look.


Aight, cool


Any luck, @hcblue?


Nope. Looks like if I make changes to GregTech, you all will need to make the same change in your client configuration files. At that point, we might as well add our own mods (or, change modpacks).


Ah, well that's a damn shame. Doesn't seem like people are up for a new world either.

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