Enchanted Books not working? by mikeyqwerty

I found two enchanted books in a mob spawner chest a while ago buy now when i try and combine the smite 3 with my diamond sword it doesn't work, it just drops the two items on the ground, and when i tryed it with unbreaking 3 on my diamond pick it still does the same :L anyone else have the same problem?


i was able to put the unbreaking 3 on my sword o.O but i cant put smite 3 on it Sad.png


i now was able to put the unbreaking 3 and smite 3 onto my diamond sword, after around an hour so i went and tested it out in a creative single player world and you cant now put any enchantment onto a sword for example: u can put fortune 3, silk touch, efficiency 5, etc. That i dont think you could do before Grin.gif


No, mikey, you can only put any enchantment on a sword when you are in CREATIVE mode.

You can give a fish Sharpness V in creative, but not in survival mode.

As for your problem at the top, did the book go in last? If you put the book into the anvil on the first slot, it won't work. It MUST be on the second slot

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