Different Server by facename999

So I_Love_to_Build found a server and invited me to it,and I'd like to extend the offer to everyone else.It's a small community server,with nice admins and players.the I.P. is inspired.servegame.com . If we can't revive the server,maybe we can move to a different one.


Sorry for not reopening the server yet. I haven't had the chance to sit down and play much recently, with holidays and family stuff. If you all go to buildo's server, feel free to use this forum / gallery to keep in contact with each other.



I'd still like you to open up the server, if you can, that is. We are only using this as a 'replacement server' until/if you do. I'm sure everyone wants the same thing, as your server was a very fun experience and by far the best server I've ever been on and I'd like to continue that experience.



I would indeed like the server back up.We may have found a temporary place but in the end it's not the same. I rather enjoyed my time on the server and would be happy to have our old place back.


What they said.


Are you all on version 1.4.5 or 1.4.6 now?


the server is up!! yay thanks blue Grin.gif


Thanks for bringing the server back up Blue. Our old home is back Grin.gif


No problem!

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