Is the server dead? Sad.png by josephp

I havent played minecraft in awhile..... i finally jumped on and it wasnt online.

Did the server die out? Sad.png


I'm not exactly sure but I think Blue might still be looking for the right apartment and be lacking internet. Even if the server is currently dead, we can always try to keep the forums alive.


Ok i thought the server was closed forever for a sec. Was about to get mad Sad.png


Oh, shit damnit just the week I get my damn computer Disappointed.gif Fantastic, anyway I can see about creating my own server as a temporary thing, then I may post the IP on the forum and anyone who's interested I will whitelist Smile.gif (Will start on Saturday - Friday)


I might be interested.Would be good to play with some familiar faces again.


Well, it's online... just connect, bitches! It should be in one my forum threads Smile.gif


build: it isnt online


It was for a few days, then I just stopped running it because no one was joining, but add me on steam and I'll put it up whenever

The Holy Potato

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