I miss this server. by facename999

So the topic explains my first sentence. I wish I wouldn't have left in the first place. I enjoyed my time on this server..alot.Great game,with great people. This is my favorite server by fffffaaaaaarrrrr. I mean,you couldn't even throw it far enough.If this server still is alive,and just waiting until blue finds an apartment and updates it, then that's good.Best of luck to Blue. If not,then,well.....good bye, I guess.I can honestly say everytime I play minecraft I'll think of this server and all fo the fun I had.If it's the end of the server,and I more than likely won't see you guys anymore. I say (again) good bye,and best of luck to all of you. Thanks for all the lulz and funz.


I agree, this was my favorite server, and had great people on it. One of the best gaming experiences I've had, thanks all.



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