Error by facename999

Every time I try to log into the server I get this error.

Failed to login: java.io.IOException: server returned HTTP respons code: 503 for URL: http://session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver jsp?user=facename999&sessionID=506254745386165983& serverID = 2.4da09799a1f1133a835c650bde6e11f2d2d901f

If anyone has any idea what this means, please tell me. Thanks.


I get that too. Tongue.gif mollstam been tweeting about it for about half an hour


I got that error too when I was trying to join. The website said Manoloco69 and hcblue were online though!


They were on before the problem started, so they didn't have to login, which is where the problem was.


It's probably useful to check at http://help.mojang.com/, which has a list of Mojang servers and whether they're down or not.

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