Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode-The Tale of Starkirby Highzealot by starkirby

Due to the fact that Dwarf Fortress still hasnít been updated, letís play adventure mode! Iím not the biggest adventurer and usually plays fortress mode but this will take my mind off waiting for the update. What to be? Human from Pesor Evhol seems nice. Letís be a demigod.

Race picking screen

It would be nice if I could spoiler pictures seeing as they normally are quite big.

Now to pick the stats. I donít need to be that disease resistance seeing as disease usually only matter in fortress mode. I donít need any analytical ability since I have no intention of crafting. Creativity is completely useless for adventure mode. Patience, memory and linguistic ability are also worthless as far as I know. The last useless stats is musicality. All other stats are going up. Skills time. I chose sword as my skill. Observer skill lowers chance of ambush so Iím taking that. Also I increase my swimming skill just high enough so I wonít start drowning if I get stunned in water. Ambush helps my sneaking and dodging is self-explanatory and imo one of the most important skills. I also like throwing things so one into throwing and one into archery.

Stats picking screen

My name? Starkirby Highzealot. Note that the highzealot part is a part where you can only chose from given names. Iím just lucky that I can use high and zealot.

Name Changing Screen


Starting screen

Now what should I do first?

A: Attempt to recruit some peasants.

B: Go to a fortress and recruit soldiers.

C: Get a quest and do said quest

D : Other

You can tell me to do one task and then another.


I may do this with videos because there are no big boring gaps unlike fortress mode with is also easier to do with pictures and words. Also, I plan to set out tomorrow in the adventure and will do B then C if no one suggests anything.


Would you be able to decline quests, and are there like different types of quests? Shocked.png


The only way to "decline" is to not do it and all quests a basically kill this bad person. You also get a quests to go get quests from lords once you become too famous for the peasants to give you quests.


First episode is up. Any requests for me such as being becoming one of my companions who will likely die horribly.



Second episode is up. I have something special planned for the next episode.



Another episode and probably the second last one I'll be posting here since it doesn't look like anyone's too interested in it though I still intend to do fortress mode and DF is updated.



Lol, kirby is pretty much the only person that posts here Tongue.gif


And that makes me sad Sad.png

Hopefully fortress mode can gather more interest and if it doesn't, I'll be dorfing people as some of the more "special" dwarves. EvilSmile.gif


| EvilSmile.gif



i would be interested if i know what this was lol..


Is this the right link?


Yup. If you attempt to play, you will need to rely on tutorials and the wiki.


I couldn't even start it up. I'm running a Mac. I downloaded the one for OS X and started it up, but nothing happens (no error message and nothing pops up). Sad.png


The only thing I can really suggest is ask the bay12forums. One of the nicest forums I've ever seen though some like to act nuts/dwarfy.


Oh, okay, I'll try that, because Google didn't really help me.

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