Cyber/Griefing Attack by VampyKnight

Blue, you're fucked


you're so cute with that avatar Tongue.gif LoveHeart.gif


youre a idiot vampy you shoudnt have had been using a fly mod on the servar


he think he's a real hacker now because he figured out how to use a fly mod lol. watch out we have a badass over here :>


The thing is, he could've just said sorry and been given another chance. Instead of doing that, he griefed, killed people, was rude, and now threatening. You should be ashamed of yourself, VampyKnight (but you probably aren't). Eventually, you'll grow up and realize that you're doing this to yourself!


lol ppl like that never grow up, they will always be the same sorry fuck head that they are now Tongue.gif


lol vampy. u were mean, u got caught, now ur whining like a lil bitch lol. great job.


Don't forget planning on getting another account just to get back at us. Honestly, save your money, find another server. I doubt you'll find too many with admins as good as Blue though. You have to be really stupid or mean to get banned by him.

(doesn't abuse power like many other minecraft admins/ owners, isn't childish or actually a young kid, generally plays on the same level as members, instead of acting like a god, isn't disconnected from his members (kind of similar to the last thing, but this is basically the admin or owner that either doesn't get on too much and/ or has little to no idea who half of his or her's server's members are))


I know we aren't a big community, but I really love the people here. And I think that's partly because Blue is a great admin! LoveHeart.gif


Agreed.I've been on many servers and none of them have been as good as this one.I love this server and it's community.We work togethor when needed unless we are busy with other things, and unless there are people like vampy then we usually remain calm and have a lot of fun playing with eachother. This server has by far given me the best minecraft multiplayer experience so far,and I don't plan on leaving ... at all.


In Community est semen et cooperante sunt nutrimentum quod auxilio crescere in pia et sui providente coetus quod stare simul ad pugnam qui volunt dolor ad eos. That is latin Btw.


don't forget about us sassy and witty mods now </3


Sassy? "Oh, no, you dint just grief in front of me, gurl."

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