Corwinasas story's by corwinasa

One day I went outside and I explored in the forest in our front yard. Like I usually did. It was a normal day outside, the cats were warm my mom was sleeping, my dad was yelling at the cats as usual. I went into the forest I went to the tree house, and I yelled at a dumb raccoon. I walked in the forest for about a hour or near. Then I heard an explosion. BBOOOMMMM!!!!!!! I yelled out AGGHHH!!!!! When the explosion engulfed me I awoke and felt sand in my shoes and I smelled the sea, But i didn't live anywhere near the ocean? Then I heard the the most nightmarish  Sound I ever heard!  I looked up and I saw something big and brown, then I noticed it was a cow. I felt so embaressed of myself. Then I noticed where I was it didn't look like a world of ours. It looked the same but something was different. 1. Isaw a pig on a tree.. 2. There was a cow with mushrooms on its back 3. The cow was getting in the water and swimming. * I think I'm going crazy* 4. * I hope I'm hallucinating* there's a squid in small pond .5 everything is made of blocks. * now I'm really am mad. I see some trees. Out of anger I punch the tree. After a few punches it disappeared and where it was was a mini spinning version of it.

I got an idea and started destroying all the trees I found. I had gotten 16 logs. Then I noticed that I had a kind of watch  On my arm. On it there was buttons, Crafting, Inventory, magic and soulsearch. I tryed inventory and a box with little boxes appeared on it. In one box it showed sixteen logs in it. I went to the crafting thing it had four boxes in a square. I didn't know wat to do so I just put my logs in it, and to my surprise a new box appeared and inside was some wooden planks. I got all the wooden planks. I tryed putting wood planks in all the slots and something. Called a crafting table apeared in the box. When I clicked it it said do you want to download bigger crafting? It said with a robotic voice. I typed yes. And my crafting was bigger it was 3 times 3 area.I suddenly noticed that it was sunset. Sunset at this hour? I asked myself. I remembered I was afraid of the dark. So I dug a hole in the ground and  Made it a three times three room. Since I didn't know wat to do I went to magic but it said I do not know any magic. So I pushed soul, and I saw myself and the whole island I think I saw a white dot which was me. A blue dot that I didn't know what it was. And a gray dot that said Troy over it. I had fooled around with the crafting before I looked at soul. In craft I made 10 sticks, and a flimsy wood sword  and pick. I went outside looking for Troy then suddenly I remembered that he was my brother! I found him unconscious, with 2 zombies  around him. I was scared head to feet, But I charged anyway. I hit one in the head and jumped and swung at it again. It dissapeared in a puff of smoke dropping some orbs that flew to me. The other one noticed me and hit me in my shoulder, I held back a yell.  You'll Pay dearly for that. I said almost emotionally. I put my sword in the sand and swirled and kicked the zombie into some blocks. Then I sliced it to death or something like that. I hauled Troy back to the hole. I put him on the ground and I gratefully fell asleep. I awoke the Next mornining and I saw that Troy was awake. I showed him how to do everything when he looked at magic  there was nature He pushed it and there was a thing called ivy he pushed it and ivy sprang out at some cobble and it turned it into mossy cobble. WOW!! I cried suprised! I crafted a stone sword for both of us. It was a little heavy for me, but definitely to heavy for Troy. So he stuck to his wood sword. Later that day I yelled for Troy to come down to the mine. 


My brother had showed me how to do everything. Then later that day he yelled  TROOY!!! COME DOWN HERE!! I went down and there was a black in some places ore. I remmembered that it was called coal, and that you can use it to make torches. When I told him that he mined all of it getting 10 coal, and he made 40 torches. Then he lighted up the mine. I mined to we found more coal and a lot of cobblestone. Them the next day we were inside and he made a furnace. He smelted something called iron ore. He had 5 iron ingots. He made a iron sword it looked powerful, but light So I picked it up  and it felt just right.


I made a iron sword for Troy and he seemed to like it. So I used the rest to make me a iron pickaxe. Then I saw on soul a marker that was named Kris. I went outside and I saw a thing that looked so sad   Then it made this horrible hissing noise and it grew and turned white.... Then I felt white hot pain like a thousand needles were being poked into me at one time. Then I felt sand in my shoes. I got up in the familiar place, i thought I died didn't I?? I went to the house with nausea and a bad stomachache and I saw the huge hole where that thing exploded. I decided to call that thing a creeper. I saw my stuff and grabbed it made a POP! Sound as it flew into my inventory.I went out to find the person named Kristal. I found her, she was awake unlike troy but still laying down. She got up when she saw me, Then I saw that she had a iron sword and a bow. She pointed the bow at my head and said. Who are you?! I replied by saying I'm Asa. She lowered her bow some and said as you probably know I'm kristal. Well my brother is here his name is Troy. Ok can I stay at your house? She asked. Sure I said. But we pretty much just have a hole in the ground. Oh. She said with a small face of disappointment.   I have brick and wood. She said. Lead me there. She asked. So I led her to there. Almost right away she started building at the end of the day the place was huge, and nice. there were 3 beds the red one for Troy, the black one for me and the pink one for Kris. She had said that she liked to be called Kris not Kristal. When the sun went down she lot the whole place up and down. She threw me a diamond pickaxe. I was amazed at how nicely crafted it was, it was not flimsy like my wooden, but it was stronger than iron but lighter than a feather. She told me to mine a huge basement and maybe another if you can. She said graciously. I noticed that she had a very commanding presence.


anyone like it?

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