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These rules apply to all worlds:

  1. Listen to the Admins and Mods, they know best.
  2. Do NOT grief. Do NOT steal.
  3. Mind your language.
  4. Do NOT modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.
  5. Do NOT build dirt towers or dig endless tunnels.
  6. Report all wrong-doings to an Admin or Mod.
  7. Do NOT advertise other servers.
  8. Pixel art must be 3D (i.e., you must be able to enter it, or have a home in it) and must NOT be free-standing (i.e., floating).
  9. No hacked clients. No x-raying.
  10. No flying. No reach mods. No enchanced motion mods (e.g., crawling, high-jumping).
  11. No TNT, fire, or flint-and-steel.
  12. All unfinished projects older than 1 month old are subject to removal without further notice. If this happens in survival, items from the destruction will be returned to you upon claim.
  13. PvP is allowed as long as both players agree to take part (meaning, you're not allowed to kill someone by surprise).

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