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The rank of a player determines the set of permissions he or she has. The rank is shown through the color of the player's name in chat. The ladder, from lowest to highest, goes:

  • Jail (grey)

    This is the only rank under Guest. It behaves similarly to Guest, except the player is confined to a specific location, i.e., the Jail area under hcblue's castle.

  • Guest (white)

    This is the default rank. When a player first joins the server, they are automatically placed into this rank. Guests cannot build, break blocks, pick up items, or get hurt.

  • Member (teal)

    This is the first rank in which a player can build; most players will have this rank.

  • Senior Member (dark blue)

    Members who have been on the server more than 100 hours and have shown great buildsóat the discretion of moderators and the adminócan be promoted to a Senior Member.

  • VIP (green)

    This rank is reserved for special guests of the server. It is only given out at the discretion of the Admins.

  • Veteran (orange/gold)

    This rank is reserved for players who were extremely active on the old server (mc3).

  • Moderator (purple)

    This rank is reserved for trusted players, who are asked to help keep the peace on the server. In an official capacity, they represent the server owner when he is not around.

  • Admin (red)

    This rank is reserved for the server owner, hcblue.

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