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MOD NAME Magicae

DESCRIPTION the art (and craft) of magic. A mod that provides an augmented magic system in Minecraft. The things here might sound complicated, but remember that players will learn as they go, and that a lot of these things will hopefully have graphics that make sense. Send comments to @hcblue.

BEFORE YOU START The purpose of this is to outline ideas. Particularly, I'm looking for feedback:

  • If you think the ideas look sane / exciting / not boring.
  • What new ideas would make it more exciting.
  • Ideas for spells.
  • Ideas for new enchantments.
  • There are sections marked DECISION POINTS, so I'd like to know what you think of those, too.
  • I'd like to focus on gameplay changes first, and not necessarily new mobs or new blocks. (Although ideas for new magical ores would be welcome.)

BASICS Three facets of magic:

  • Temperature: hot, cold
  • Humidity: wet, dry
  • Life force: aether (stability, gold, blessing), void (volatility, sulphur, curse)

BASICS Elements are formed by temperature and humidity:

  • AIR: wet and hot (white) in jungles and swamps
  • FIRE: hot and dry (red, desert) in deserts and nether
  • EARTH: dry and cold (brown / green) in plains and mushroom biomes
  • WATER: cold and wet (blue) in oceans and rivers

IDEA Each element above will be associated with its own spells

  • Spells affect the environment, e.g., a spell could knockback all mobs within a radius.
  • Compare with: Enchants, which affect an item, e.g., a knockback enchant is bound to a sword.

IDEA You'll need to work on leveling up each element mastery individually.

  • This means, you could be a master in fire, but only an apprentice in air.
  • Should there be names for each "level", like "apprentice", "intermediate", "master", etc or should we just use numbers to denote level

IDEA You can only use spells or enchants that align with your element mastery.

  • If a spell requires AIR and EARTH, you need to have levels in BOTH.
  • Otherwise, you can't use the spell.

IDEA Spells should be learned by: using an enchanted item, finding spell sheets, or researching.

  • Enchanted items can be obtained by spending XP on tools.
  • Spell sheets can be obtained from chests in dungeons, mines, temples, or villages.
  • Spell sheets can also be obtained from villagers trading.
  • Research is done by combining mob drops and books in crystal balls.

IDEA Mana is required to cast spells and to level up elements.

  • Mana is limited, just like your health (as opposed to your XP which is unlimited)
  • Mana does not regenerate automatically by default
  • Wearing a amulet will regenerate mana automatically
  • Mana is bound to an element, so to cast an earth spell, you need earth mana
  • You do not lose your mana upon death, but you do lose your amulet (which is an item like armor)

IDEA To master elements, you'll need to do certain things.

  • AIR: crafting / smelting (any other ideas?)
  • FIRE: combat (killing enemies... hmm... but that sort of overlaps with XP?)
  • EARTH: mining and building (i.e., placing blocks), riding minecarts?
  • WATER: exploration (i.e., walking, running, swimming, riding boats)

DECISION POINT Do we really want a separate XP and Mana? I mean... XP is used for enchanting, and that's basically magic, right? Maybe we should combine the two? Is that lame? Let's keep XP and MP separate

IDEA Aether affects an element positively

  • AIR: respiration, healing, flying?
  • FIRE: electricity (lightning?)
  • EARTH: be able to manipulate dirt, stone
  • WATER: ice (walk on water?)

IDEA Void affects an element negatively

  • AIR: suffocation, knockback?
  • FIRE: fireball and explosion
  • EARTH: manipulate sand, gravel
  • WATER: steam (walk on lava?)

IDEA Wands

  • Wands are required to cast spells
  • Wands have durability, just like any other tool
  • Casting a spell uses durability of the wand
  • Wands can have Unbreaking enchants on them, just like any other tool

IDEA Wand types

  • A wand is neutral, aether, or void
  • A neutral wand can cast low-level aether or void spells
  • An aether wand can cast any level aether spell
  • A void wand can cast any level void spell

IDEA Crafting recipes

  • Blaze rod + redstone = Neutral wand
  • Blaze rod + glowstone dust = Aether wand (low durability)
  • Blaze rod + sulphur = Void wand (low durability)
  • Low durability wand + iron = medium durability wand
  • Medium durability wand + gold = high durability wand
  • diamond surrounded by 8 glowstone block = glowstone gem
  • high durability wand + glowstone gem = staff of aether or staff of void
  • 5 string (shape of a helmet) + 3 leather = amulet
  • amulet can be worn as a chestplate, or be combined with leather/iron/gold/diamond chestplate to get a magical chestplate (which can additionally be enchanted)
  • 5 glass (shape of helmet) + diamond in center + 3 gold = crystal ball
  • leather/book/book + leather/iron/iron + leather/book/book = book of shadows
  • 5 obsidian + 2 sticks = pedestal
  • maybe glowstone gem sword, pickaxe, shovel, axe ???

IDEA Crystal ball

  • A crystal ball has 4 slots for input material (mob drops, blocks, books)
  • A crystal ball is activated by casting a Seer spell, which consumes the input material(s), some mana, and has a chance of dropping spell sheets

IDEA Pedestal

  • Allows a wand or a staff to be placed in the world
  • Has slots: 1 slot for wand or staff, mana container, and ability to select spell / element combination
  • Will automatically perform spell as an area effect (as if you right-clicked to cast)

IDEA Book of shadows

  • A B.O.S. is a book that can copy spell sheets (like a backpack)
  • It allows you to carry spells everywhere
  • The spell sheet is NOT consumed, so you can save spell sheets in a chest
  • Crafting a book of shadows automatically shows you all spells you've learned (even after death)
  • You can share spells by giving someone a BOS

IDEA To cast a spell, you need:

  • The right type of wand
  • The right number of mana
  • The right level of element mastery

IDEA To cast a spell:

  • Hold a wand in your hand
  • Press some combination of Z, X, C, V (representing AIR, FIRE, EARTH, WATER)
  • Left-click to shoot out the spell as directed energy
  • Right-click to perform the spell as an area effect
  • Sneak+right-click to cast on self

EXAMPLE Knockback level 1 spell could be AIR + EARTH, so:

  • Left-click would knockback a specific mob 8 blocks
  • Right-click would knockback all mobs around you about 4 blocks


  • Knockback level 2 spell would push mobs farther, so AIR + EARTH + AIR
  • Backdraft level 1 spell is basically knockback level 1 + fireball level 1, so the spell would be AIR + EARTH + FIRE

IDEA Spells

  • Backdraft: knock entity back and deal fire damage, levels T.B.D.
  • Damage: damage entity by (1) 1 HP, (2) 2 HP, (3) 5 HP
  • Fire: (1) deal fire damage, (2) deal continuous fire damage, (3) set entity on fire
  • Growth: (1) like one bonemeal, (2) bonemeals 1 block radius surrounding, (3) 3 block radius surrounding
  • Healing: heal entity by (1) 1 HP, (2) 2 HP, (3) 5 HP, (4) regeneration for 5 HP
  • Knockback: knock entities back (1) 2, (2) 5, (3) 9, or (4) 14 blocks
  • Mana Burn: deal damage for as long as they have unspent mana
  • Mana Drain: transfer your mana into bottles of a brewing stand
  • Pick up: absorbs entities around you (e.g., dropped items)
  • Poison: 1, 2, 3, 5 HP
  • Protection barrier / force field: 2, 5, 9, 14 blocks
  • Seer: learn a new spell (1) 35%, (2) 65%, (3) 85%, (4) 90%

IDEA Acid vs Base? Incorporate the three alchemical elements (e.g., sulphur, mercury, and salt)?

  • Sulphur + coal = ammonium carbonate
  • Not sure where we're going with this

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